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    At SIMSON, we have SAIBA insurance broker software, SARB for Reinsurance Brokers, Third Party Administrators (SATA) and Agents (BimaPro). Apart from this, we also have product for private railway companies(TroMa) and recently we have also launched a new product “SWAP” for web aggregators. Our SAIBA insurance broking management and SARB reinsurance broking management software are leading solutions for broking industry.


    One of our greatest strength is our core team of renowned experts of insurance domain on our panel, that assist us in development of various insurance broking management softwares for direct brokers, agencies, health and reinsurance brokers to outperform the competition and set the industry standards. With deep industry insight, SIMSON continually focus on upgrading their skills and providing integrated service cycle from advice to service to claims to differentiate from the competition, enhance customers services, improve efficiency & achieve organic growth.

  • SAIBAOnline Indian Edition – Most Reliable and High-Quality Insurance Broker Software Solutions

    If you are finding the best insurance broker software solutions in India for your insurance broking industry, then your search is over. Simson Softwares Private Limited is the right place for you. We are India's reputed and most trusted insurance brokerage software company. Our software solution is more lucrative for the insurance broking industry.


    We have developed the most reliable and high-quality software for insurance brokers and corporate agents named SAIBAOnline Indian Edition. Our software has been fully tested and error-free. We have a lot of customers in India who use our software. Our all customers are happy with our service. We have an expert team who keeping in mind the needs of the customers and they take full care of their requirements. Our software has been easy to use and helps to improve the quality and accuracy of work, minimize your paperwork and manpower, and saves time.


    We provide an all-in-one solution for insurance broking industries to manage insurance business as well as financial management needs. Our software helps you to track the status of your policies like document received, the payment received, etc. We have developed SAIBAOnline Indian Edition software by replacing the excel sheet. It is not easy to manage data in an excel sheet and managing data with our insurance broker software is very easy and it doesn't cause any problems.


    Its benefits are: -

    • Easy to Manage Documents
    • Increased Work Efficiency and Productivity
    • Better Customer Relationship
    • Lead Management
    • User Friendly
    • Easily Customizable According to Needs
    • Renewal Management System

    In the future, we will keep updating some new things in our software, which will be beneficial for our users.

    Our job is not only to provide software to our customers, but our also motive is to clear all their queries related to our system. We never offend our customers.


    If you have any queries regarding insurance broker management software, then you can feel free to contact us anytime. To know more about our software, schedule a demo today!

  • Software for International Insurance Brokers – SAIBA Global Edition

    Simson Softwares is a leading software solution for insurance brokers in Dubai, UAE. We provide a complete range of insurance services, i.e. General, Life, Health, etc under one roof. Our softwares for Insurance Brokers & Agents (SAIBA) designed to assist brokers to enhance their business by managing database of an Insurance Broking House and grow their customer list by supporting them to make informed decisions.


    If you want to get insurance broking management software in Dubai, you have come to the right place, Simson. Learn about our insurance broking softwares:-


    Key Features of SAIBA:-

    • Offer a tailor-made personal service as well as backed up by one of the most experienced claim team.
    • Consult customers and gather detailed information for them and most importantly as to understand their specific needs.
    • Do comparison shopping to seek out the most effective policy's deals and offers from more than one insurance company.
    • Negotiate with insurers to be able to offer the best premiums and terms to customers.
    • Assist customers to mitigate risks and come up with effective risk management strategies, which are suitable for their profile.
    • Help to keep customers updated on legislative and regulatory changes.
    • Rendering applicable insurance terms and cover advice.
    • Acting promptly on directions from a customer and giving him/her written acknowledgments and progress reports.
    • Amending or renewing existing insurance policy
    • Provide effective and efficient process of claims.
    • Faster communication with the clients through E-mails and SMS.
    • Picking up the documents and cheques from any locations.
    • Reminding clients on renewal of their policies.
    • Keeping the complete records of their clients.
    • Answering the queries and ensuring the claim is settled as early as possible.
    • Complete and comprehensive services, quick claims resolutions, procuring optimal solutions - all done with unyielding integrity.

    We have developed this software for keeping the activities and requirements of a direct insurance broker in mind. SAIBA helps businesses find new way to thrive and support to maintain healthy relationships with their clients as well as employees.


    SAIBA covers almost all aspects of Insurance Broking Industry. It is being used by around 350+ Insurance Brokers at more than 500 locations across in India, Tanzania, Bahrain, Hong Kong, Qatar, Ghana and Uganda for their corporate as well as retail business needs.


    The aim of SAIBA Global is to provide comprehensive management of insurance broking business. SAIBA contains all the activities of insurance brokers, which helps in retaining the existing business by providing handful information and support to their customers as well as supports in getting the new business.

  • SARBOnline – India's Most Reliable Reinsurance Software Solutions


    Are you in the search of reinsurance broking software solutions for your reinsurance broking firm? Your search is over. Simson Softwares Private Limited provides high-quality and reliable software for reinsurance brokers. Our reinsurance broking software - SARBOnline, which is developed and fully tested by our expert team of developers and testers. SARBOnline is complete ERP solution for reinsurance brokers. We deliver error-free software solutions to our customers.


    We keep updating our software from time to time. As new technologies came, our software just got easier to use. Our reinsurance software is specially designed to empower brokers and agents with much flexibility and functionality. We developed our software user-friendly according to customer needs.


    SARBOnline reinsurance software solutions have not only got you rid of your excel work, improves work efficiency, and reduce manpower. Now with the new generation, it has become very easy to use our reinsurance software.


    SARBOnline Features: -

    • SARBOnline reinsurance software manages all enquiries received from brokers.

    • Easy to track movement of file and find its physical location.

    • SARBOnline provides comprehensive management of all reinsurance business processes in very user-friendly way.

    • Integrated email, SMS and electronic document management to assist you in your day-to-day business to improve your efficiency.

    Simson Softwares Private Limited provides a feature-rich and powerful reinsurance broker software solution. Our reinsurance software solutions are smart, easy to learn, and helpful to grow your business. In the future, we will keep updating some new things in our software, which will be beneficial for our users.


    We provide demonstration of the software to our customers before engaging with them so that they can understand our software. We have a lot of customers in the Globe, who are using our software and most of the customers are happy and satisfied with our services. It is not that if we have given the software to our customers. As long as our customers stay connected with us, we solve their every query. If you want to know about our reinsurance software solutions, come to our website and feel free to contact us.

  • SATA: Best Health Insurance Software

    SATA is the kind of ERP solutions for third party administrators for claims management, analysis, accounting as well as 3600 reporting to TPA, Insurers, Hospital, Corporate, Individuals, Brokers & Agents.


    SATA is a web based application, which needs to hosted on web server and it has to be integrated with TPA website so external users like Hospital, Corporate, broker, Agent and customer can view their various status and reports from the website login section.


    SATA software is the key piece to insurance company’s competitive edge that is catering various aspects of health insurance policies for group and individual policyholders. It can notify your policyholders about policy renewal date and even send SMS if a policy is terminated.


    Our health insurance software is helpful to manage all policy details received from insurers, preparation of ID cards, tracking of ID cards, dispatches of the cards, endorsement of employees and import policy data from excel files.


    SATA health insurance software maintains the record of network hospitals which includes hospitals detail entry, tracking blacklist hospitals, record details of discount offered and claim analysis.


    It is specially developed to manage all aspects of claims related to Health, Scrutiny, Billing, Settlement, preparation and dispatch. Our software for health insurance manages receiving claim intimations and preparation of check list for scrutiny department.


    This product is being used by Safeway TPA Services (P) Limited, Ericson TPA Healthcare Pvt. Mumbai and Padre Pio Insurance Service Uganda.


    Some of the key features of SATA are:


    · Comprehensive policy data management

    · End to end claims management starting from intimation of claims to the reimbursement of payments to insured or hospitals.

    · Comprehensive accounts management through our multi-currency financial accounting system SiFAMs.

    · Inbuilt Document management of soft files. Complete file processing electronically if required.

    · Integrated SMS and Email Management. Sending emails and SMS at various steps to insured.

    · Flexibility of customization to suite your requirement and changes requested by growing business process, insurers, regulators etc.


  • Build Your Brand's Popularity with Digital Marketing Services

    Nowadays online marketing is a biggest platform to grow a business successfully. Everyone can promote own brands on internet, mobile, TV and other interactive channels. But we must keep in mind that to increase our brand strength, we should target the right audience. If we do not target the right audience, then we will not be able to run our business successfully for long term.


    Digital marketing is a solution through which you can tell many people about your brand in short time. Through this, you can easily grow your business. And yes, you can promote your business in many ways, but it depends on what your business is.

    If you want to grow your business with digital marketing services in Mohali area look no further, Simson Softwares Pvt. Limited provides digital marketing services such as SEO, SMO, PPC, SEM, ORM in Mohali, Chandigarh. We are one-stop solution to improve your website ranking and help to increase your website traffic. For getting better results it is most important for you to implement your website in smart and effective way.


    We provide reliable SEO services in Mohali for your business. Effective SEO Solutions helps to improve your website performance. You can build your brand's popularity and generate more leads with us. In SEO, we do both on-page and off-page to increase the ranking of the website.

    We also promote your business through social media such as on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter etc. Social media is a biggest platform to promote business as easily as possible. Here we target to audience directly.


    We also provide PPC services to our clients and we have expert team for the handling Google Adwords. If we talk about business and sales, we get the quickest results in PPC and in a very short time. In this, we target the relevant keywords from the website, and If a visitor clicks our ads, then we must pay for every click.


    Our aim is to increase conversions for your website with online marketing. If you want online marketing services for your website, then visit our website and contact us today!

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